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1.2 lakh years old Humans and Animals Footprints found.

Archaeological team found Human and Animals footprints in Saudi which dates back to 1.2 lakh years ago.

According to the team A small group of Homo sapiens stopped to drink water.

1.2 lakh years old Humans and Animals Footprints found - The Wall Post
Photo Source: MOC Heritage/Twitter

The new archaeological discovery is what unveiled by heritage Authority during press conference held in Riyadh they found footprints of Man, camels, elephants and other predators around ancient dry lake on the outskirts of Tabuk region.

The team found out the footprints of 7 different human beings and 107 footprints of camels and 43 footprints of elephants and other traces of different animals.

The team also found 233 fossils of elephants and orxy bones and as well as evidence of resistance of predators in the site.

The photo shows footprints of animals in the mud. The humans might have hunted the mammals but have not stayed there too long.

They might be using watering hole as a way-point on a long journey.

This is the Oldest existence of human life. This archaeological discovery represents 1st scientific evidence of the oldest existence of human life in Arabia.

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Source: MOCHeritage/Twitter