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500% Increase in Cyber-crime in India: Ajit Doval

New Delhi: Ajit Doval National Security Advisor while delivering a lecture on Cyber security which was held virtually at the COCONXIII-2020, a data privacy and hacking conference hosted by the Kerala Police and the Society for the Policing of Cyberspace and Information Security Research Association said that, The country is witnessing a 500% spike in Cybercrime due to the limited attention on Cyber Hygiene.

In the time Covid-19 the financial frauds is increasing day by day due to a greater dependence on digital payment platforms.

Ajit Doval also informed that Narendra Modi, led Centre to plan to come up with the National cyber security strategy-2020 which envisions the safe, secured, trusted, resilient and vibrant cyberspace for India’s prosperity.

He also spread the awareness that citizens while being online must be responsible on how to approach the internet.

“There is a greater dependence on digital payment platform due to reduced cash handling and greater data sharing is happening online and presence on social media has also increased. While we are able to manage our affairs online to a certain extent, malicious actors also found in it, a new opportunity,” said the NSA Ajit Doval.

Source: ANI/Twitter

Source: ANI