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After the first Successful drive of Corona testing at Lonavala, LMC is ready for the Second Drive

Lonavala: Ravi Pawar told in an interview that the drive of Corona testing which happened on last Tuesday i.e. on 15th of September was successful more than 40,235 tests took place and around 297 suspects were identified among which 77 were positive.

Talking about the drive he further told that this drive will take place again, but this time it will be different, there will NOT be any kind of lockdown in the city.

The Second Drive of Coronavirus testing in Lonavala is on 22nd September’ 2020 ( Tuesday ).

This drive will mostly focus on senior citizens and mostly on those senior citizens who have some medical issues like, diabetes, BP etc.

The drive will only take place in the hotspot areas of lonavala where the victims of corona are more.

Hotspot Areas where the testing would be focused are:
1. Bhangarwadi area
2. Market area
3. Khandala
4. Gawli Wada
5. Hanuman Tekdi
6. Siddharth Nagar
7. Ramnagar

He further told that, There will be free testing of coronavirus at Lonavala Municipal hospital. People can come at any time and can get themselves tested.

In the same interview Surekha Jadhav mentioned that there are now various Covid centers in lonavala not only Jhalawadi and Waghad, but there are quarantine center at Sanjeevni Hospital and Laxmi residency (which is in front of Tata camp) as well. The price at Laxmi residency is about 2,500/- per day where the patients will be served with lunch, dinner and tea time to time and also doctors would be visiting the patients time to time.

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Later, Dr. Amol Agarwal the owner of Sanjeevni hospital told in an interview that, there is no need to worry about coronavirus, if you take proper care of yourself, ( by avoiding going to crowded places, wearing mask, using Sanitizer ). He told that more than 95% people are getting cured if they get the treatment on the right time and with the proper care. He gave the statistics that more than 166 people have so far been admitted in Sanjeevni hospital and more than 125 people are already been discharged in a healthy condition.

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