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Asteroid to pass by Earth on November 2nd

The Asteroid measuring 6.5 feet in diameter is predicted to come closer to earth than its many orbiting telecommunications satellites and the moon.

According to the Center for Near Objects Studies at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, An asteroid has been spotted on a collision course with Earth and is projected to come very close to the planet on November 2.

Asteroid to pass by Earth on November 2nd - The Wall Post
Photo Source: India TV – Representational Image

According to NASA Data, after conducting around 21 observations over the course of 12.968 days, there could be three potential impacts. However, the space agency has found that there is only a 0.41% chance that the celestial body will enter the Earth’s atmosphere, CNN reported.

According to NASA’s close approach database, the asteroid’s distance from Earth could be anywhere between 4,700 miles i.e. ( 7,563 kilometres ) and 260,000 miles i.e. (4,18,429 Kilometres). On the Palermo Technical Impact Hazard Scale, which is used by astronomers to assess the impact risk posed by an asteroid.

Source: NASA Asteroid Watch/Twitter

News Source:- Indian Express and CNN