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New Delhi: The Central Government has given permission to States to reopen schools for children from 9th to 12th from 21st September after about 6 months. For the first time after the Coronavirus pandemic, the school is being opened for students.

However, while some parents are ready to send their children to school, most of the parents are in favor of not sending their children to school.

This are the States where Schools will NOT Reopen.

Uttarakhand :- In view of the Corona transition, the Uttarakhand government has decided not to open schools from September 21. State Education Minister Arvind Pandey directed the Chief Secretary, Education Secretary and Director of Education to take action in this regard. He said that as the corona infection is increasing, it would not be appropriate to open schools in that situation. Currently, schools will be completely closed until 30 September.

Maharashtra :- As of now Maharashtra government have decided to not open the schools. On 1 October when Unlock 5.0 will be announced that time the government will decide on opening the schools.

Chandigarh :- There’s confusion going on whether to reopen the schools or not. A survey conducted by the administration has revealed that more than 75% of parents are not ready to send children to school. No clear instructions have been given by the administration to open schools here.

Rajasthan :- Students who have their parents permission can only go to schools for guidance only. After the central government’s SOP, the state government has also issued clear instructions.

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Delhi :- Seeing the increasing cases of Corona epidemic, the Kejriwal government has decided to keep all schools closed till 30 September.

Gujarat :- State Education Minister Bhupendra Singh Chudasama said that given the situation of Covid-19, the Gujarat government has decided not to reopen secondary and higher secondary schools from September 21. The Education Minister said that during the cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani in Gandhinagar, the state government has taken this decision in the interest of students.

Haryana :- Currently, a trial run of the school is going on in Sonepat and Karnal, Haryana, where children are being seated through the Bubbles system. If this experiment is successful, then this rule will be implemented in the whole state and schools will be opened.

Uttar Pradesh :- Due to the ever increasing corona case, Yogi Government is confused about opening of schools from this month. Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma said that the possibility of partial opening of schools in the state is very less from September 21 as the cases of corona are increasing in the state.

This are the States where schools will Reopen.

Madhya Pradesh – Schools in Madhya Pradesh are going to open from September 21. In this regard, the School Education Department has given instructions to follow the standard operating procedure (SOP) of the center. Some schools in the capital have started preparations. However, it is not compulsory for students to come to school. That is, the order is voluntary. If students wants, they should come to school and if they do not want, they should not come. This time there will be no system based on attendance. The remaining classes and schools will remain closed until 30 September. Online studies will continue as before.

Andhra Pradesh – Schools are being opened in Andhra Pradesh also from 21 September. Here 50 percent teaching and 50 percent non-teaching staff can be called in the school. Any student from 9th grade to 12th can go to school and study after the written permission of their family. This information has been given by the state government.

Jharkhand – There are chances of opening of schools in Jharkhand also, Education Minister Vaidyanath Mahato says that children’s education is suffering.