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Coronavirus Cases in Lonavala Crosses 100

Lonavala: Coronavirus Cases in Lonavala crosses 100. The number of coronavirus cases increased widely in this few days.

A total of 11 corona-infected patients have been found in various parts of Lonavala today. A total of 102 patients have been registered in lonavala so far.

6 new Covid-19 infected patients were found in Valvan, 1 in Pradhan Park and 1 in Tungarli on Friday .i.e. 7th August 2020. It has added 3 new patients. They include a 29-year-old youth from Tungarli, a 37-year-old man from Bhangarwadi and a 63-year-old senior citizen from Khandala.

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In Valvan village lonavala, 6 Covid-19 test reports have came positive today according to Sources.

According to the information received, all the six patients from Valvan village were tested in a private lab.

The total number of cases due of Covid-19 in lonavala has now reached 102. Of these, the number of patients who are healed has gone up to 40. While the number of active patients has gone up to 58. Apart from this, 4 patients in Lonavala have died due to coronavirus so far.

To understand it properly here’s the total cases in lonavala so far, section wise:-

Tungarli – 05 Patients.

Pangoli, Valvan – 17 Patients.

Nangargaon – 6 Patients.

Bhangarwadi – 22 Patients.

Municipal Office, Vardhman Society- 7 Patients.

Railway Department, Bara Bungalow- 6 Patients.

Gawaliwada – 9 Patients

Khandala – 15 Patients.

Old Khandala, Ryewood – 5 Patients.

Gaothan, Bazarpeth – 9 Patients.

Sahyadri Nagar, Hudco Colony – 1 Patient.

2 Months before there was not even a single case of Coronavirus in the City. There’s a atmosphere of tension among the citizens, the Municipality is trying their best to get a control on this Virus.