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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Recovery (Symptoms, exercises, etc.)

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Recovery (Symptoms, exercises, etc.)- Covid-19 has put many lives at stake. All of us are aware of the global pandemic

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Recovery (Symptoms, exercises, etc.) – All of us are aware of the global pandemic that has created anxiety and instilled fear in our minds. Covid-19has put many lives at stake.  Coronavirus is named because the virus resembles the “crown.” Coronavirus is asymptomatic and once the symptoms show up:

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Recovery (Symptoms, exercises, etc.) - The Wall Post
Coronavirus (Covid-19) Recovery (Symptoms, exercises, etc.) – The Wall Post (File photo – Representational Image)

Symptoms include 

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle ache
  • Sore throat
  • Fever

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you can call the health care provider for guidance or a hotline number. You can isolate yourself at home. If you are moving around outside your home, it is advisable to wear medical masks to prevent spreading the infection. Seeking medical attention is of prime importance if you are down with fever, cough, and headache.

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If you are in quarantine, you may experience emotional fluctuations. Physical activity and relaxation help in counteracting the sedentary lifestyle during the quarantine period. Exercise helps in releasing endorphins that calm and relax the nerves.  

The time- taken to witness the presence of the coronavirus 

 The time taken to get infected by the virus is around 5 -6 days and for the symptoms of the virus to appear, it takes 14days.

Recovery of covid-19 may take around 2 weeks to a month and the rate of recovery is 90%. If you are infected with the coronavirus, your respiratory system is affected, because of which you feel fatigued and drained. You may also feel lethargic.

Resting time:

Take some time to rest as you should isolate yourself for 7-days. After the symptoms have diminished, the virus may be still present. Take a week’s rest for complete recovery. Your body amplifies the recovery process. Do not get back to your routine as stress and anxiety will make you sick.

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Healthy diet:

Nutritious food is rich in protein like legumes, lentil soup, seeds, nuts, boiled eggs. Protein helps in the recovery and maintenance of the body. Keeping your portions small is the trick for easy digestion and health. Stay hydrated and consume 1 fruit every day.

Physical activity:

Exercise helps in releasing chemical messengers that are responsible for happiness. They also improve blood circulation and increase oxygen levels keeping the mind and body healthy. Once you have been affected with Covid-19, it is necessary to exercise daily for 10 minutes.

Games that spike your grey cells:

Covid-19 can be distressing and playing games can keep our brain cells healthy and refreshed. Play games like sudoku, crossword, jigsaw, help in keeping your brain cells active, and improving brain activity reducing memory and cognition problems.

Monitor your blood oxygen level:

 Keep checking your oxygen levels in the oximeter. After recovering from Covid-19, it might have damaged your lungs which you are not aware of. If your oxygen levels drop below 90 follow-ups with your physician.

Covid-19 can cause long-term hazardous effects on your lungs and heart. The virus attaches to the host and derives nutrients, and starts spreading, hence, the infection is contagious and harmful.

If you are experiencing shortness of breath, chest tightness, warm flushes, it is advisable to consult your physician. Covid-19 affects lungs because it causes severe acute respiratory distress that diminishes the functioning of your lungs.

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