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Different ways to sit on a two-wheeler, government issued new guideline

New Delhi: The central government is continuously working on improving traffic safety. Due to which the Ministry has made changes in several traffic rules in a few days to prevent accidents on the road. Recently, a new guideline has also been issued by the Ministry. Which is for two wheeler riding a bike.

As per Guidelines of Ministry of Transport-

The bikes has been asked to put “handholds and sari(साडी) guards”. That is, at least half of the left side of the rear wheel of the bike should be covered so that the clothes of those sitting on the back of the bike do not get tangled in the wheel and avoid accidents.

Different ways to sit on a two-wheeler, government issued new guideline - The Wall Post
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Along with this, the pedestal has been made compulsory on both sides of the bike. So that the person sitting back can keep their feet safe

And at the same time guidelines have been issued for “placing the container” on the back of the bike and it is stated that the length of the container will be 550 mm, width 510 ml and height shall not exceed 500 mm.

If the container is placed at the rear seat handle, then only the driver will be allowed to sit i.e. no other person will be able to sit on that bike.

Recently the government had also issued a new guideline regarding tires.

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Under which a “tire pressure monitoring system” has been suggested for vehicles up to the maximum weight of 3.5 tons. Through the sensor in this system, the driver gets to know what is the condition of the air in the tire of the car. Also, the Ministry had also proposed a tire repair kit.