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iPhone 12 Pro Max might come With LiDAR Sensor, 120Hz Refresh Rate

Gadget Insights: iPhone 12 line up was supposed to be released in September as apple’s tradition, but apple confirmed that it would be delayed. Ahead of the announcement, alleged screenshots and other information about the phone are now propagating like fire through online.

As the YouTuber Job Prosser a leaker with decent track record has reportedly accessed to a PVT (production validation test) build of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. PVT is ‘last build’ before the phones go into mass production and made a detailed video on that.

iPhone 12 Pro Max might come With LiDAR Sensor, 120Hz Refresh Rate - The Wall Post
Source: Jon Prosser

These screenshots of camera settings reveal that the Max will have a LiDAR sensor improved AR rendering. Additionally new video recording modes included – 4k@120fps and 4k@240fps in it.  The enhanced night mode, superior noise discount, bit depth video, and zoom are the other camera specifications.

Based on the video, Prosser shared screenshots of iPhone 12 Pro Max Settings menu confirming that the display is going to support 120Hz refresh rate.

As it is only available on half of the early PVT (production validation test) product models indicating that Apple is waiting till the last minute to decide whether to incorporate the 120Hz refresh rate or not. The display supposed to offer adaptive refresh rate to switch automatically between 60Hz and 120Hz depending on what is displayed on the screen. 

Prosser says by citing its source that  Face ID has been improved to offer a wider variety of angles, so even if the phone is lying flat on a table, it should unlock if your face shows up in any odd angles.

Based on the leak, Apple 12 line up will be thinner than its predecessors and it looks like the notch will remain as wide for its iPhone 12 line-up this year, including the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Prosser also confirms that mass production of the new iPhone 12 series is expected to begin next month which means an effective delay in the launch.

Source: FPT/Youtube