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Key takeaways from PM Modi Speech

Key takeaways from PM Modi Speech, Whilst fighting against the deadly Corona virus, we’ve entered the “Unlock – 2” phase.

  • Whilst fighting against the deadly Coronavirus, we’ve entered the “Unlock – 2” phase. Simultaneously, we’ve entered such a climate where health problems like cold, cough and fever increase massively. At a time like this, I request the nation to be careful.
  • It is true that the fatality rate in India is less compared to other countries. Due to timely lockdown and other essential precautionary measures, India has managed to save lives of lakhs of citizens.
  • However, since the time of Unlock – 1, negligence among the citizen’s personal and social behavior has increased. Earlier, people were more cautious of “face mask”, “do gaj ki doori”, and “washing hands for 20 seconds several times a day.”
  • Today, when people should be more careful, negligence is matter of serious concern. Rules followed during the lockdown, need to be followed with the same spirit by the state government, local body organizations, and the citizens. Especially, in the cantonment zones which are at high risk.
  • It is an initiative to save lives of 1.30 crore citizens. Whether it is a Village head (Pradhan) or a Country’s Prime Minister, nobody is above the rules.
  • During the lockdown, our priority was to ensure such a situation does not arise where a poor person is compelled to sleep empty stomach. You have faithfully filled taxes, so today the poor of the country are able to cope up with such a big crisis.
  • In the last three months, Rs 31,000 crore have been deposited into Jan Dhan accounts of 20 crore poor families. During this time, Rs 18,000 crore have been deposited in the bank accounts of more than 9 crore farmers. In addition, 5 kg wheat or rice and 1kg Dal has been distributed to more than 80 crore citizens.
  • There is more work during and after the rainy season, especially in the agriculture sector. Other sectors slightly lag. Gradually, the festivals season starts from July. Festivities increase the expenses as well. Keeping these things in mind, we have decided that the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana would be extended till Diwali and Chhath Puja, i.e. till the end of November.
  • We are planning to bring ‘One Nation One Ration Card‘. One ration card is being arranged for the whole nation, this will benefit the poor workers of our country who leave their villages and move to other cities in search of work.
  • More than Rs 90,000 crore will be spent in the expansion of Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana. And if you sum up the expenses of last three months, it becomes almost Rs 1.5 lakh crore.
  • I would like to whole heatedly greet every farmer, every taxpayer of the country. I bow to them.

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