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After two days in a row, a new corona was found in Maval today (Wednesday). A 74-years-old citizen of Khandala tested Positive for Corona..

Lonavala – Khandala : After two days in a row, a new coronavirus was found in Maval today (Wednesday). A 74-years-old citizen of Khandala tested Positive for Coronavirus.

The 74-years old Citizen has been ill for the last 7 to 8 days. He was initially treated at Khandala and Lonavala and then was sent to YCM Hospital, Pune for corona test on 25/5/2020, but today he tested POSITIVE for corona. There is no history of this person traveling anywhere.

This is the first time in the Lonavala-Khandala area that there has been a stir in the area. Due to a new increase, the number of Corona Cases in the Maval Taluka is now 11. For the sixth day in a row, new corona patient is found in Maval Taluka.

A total of 13 people have tested Coronavirus Positive in the Taluka so far. Two of them have recovered from Coronavirus and there are 11 more Corona patient in the Taluka, said Tehsildar of Maval.

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He added, the sample of a 74-years-old citizen from Khandala was sent for Corona Testing. The report came was POSITIVE . He said that samples of nine more people from this area have been taken and sent for Testing.

While undergoing treatment at a Private Hospital in Lonavala, he was sent for Corona testing two days ago. According to this evening’s report of 74 year old person’s report was Positive. Since then, nine members of the family have been sent to Care Center in Talegaon.

The Municipal Government has started an investigation into who came in contact with the Corona Positive person in Khandala area and also in Lonavala.

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