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Lonavala to go under lockdown on Tuesday and tests to be conducted.

Lonavala : As the number of coronavirus patients in Lonavala is constantly increasing, As of now the total number of coronavirus patients is around 621 and deaths are around 25. The Lonavala Municipal Corporation is taking a big step in prevention of the coronavirus. The city is ready to do the testing of the entire lonavala city, and the positive civilians will be given immediate treatment.

The test will start on 15th September i.e on Tuesday a minimum of 2000 tests will be done, Due to which lonavala will see the complete lockdown on Tuesday.

The tests would be conducted from 8am to 12pm.

During these 4 hours, with the help of 576 Sector Officers, the suspected patients from all the areas of the city will be taken to the nearest Swab Collection Center out of the below 6. Their antigen test will be done there. Patients who test positive will be immediately sent to the nearest isolation center.

If someone is negative in the antigen but they show symptoms, then the swab of the person is taken for RT and PCR tests, and these tests will be held on the same day. Meanwhile, people in high-risk contact with patients who tested positive for antigen will also be swabbed on the same day. In particular, if necessary, such campaign will be carried out on Tuesday of the next week, said Ravi Pawar.

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Ravi Pawar said that in the Covid test that will be conducted on Tuesday, 2000 rapid antigen tests and 500 RT tests would be conducted. PCR Tests are to be included. Swab Collection Centers have been set up at six places namely Covid Care Center Jhalawadi, Vagad Sanatorium, Khandala Secondary School, Bhushi Ramnagar School, School No. 1 and Saint Dnyaneshwar Vidyalaya Bhangarwadi. He further said that an isolation center with 110 beds is being set up at D.C. High School.

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