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Microsoft teams up with US govt. to build AI disaster response tools.

Technology News: Tech Giant Microsoft ties with The Department of Energy in order to build AI disaster response tool, that will help prevent and manage natural disasters, the agency announced today.

“First Five Consortium,” it is a group that will focus on using predictive technology in areas like anticipating wildfires, managing fire lines, assessing overall damage, as well as handling search and rescue. This group is named after the critical first five minutes of a natural disaster.

Microsoft teams up with US govt. to build AI disaster response tools - The Wall Post

“There are just so many technologies where we can solve some of the toughest problems, in a moment where we’re having an explosion of wildfires and floods and some really major natural disasters,” said Cheryl Ingstad, director of the Energy Department’s Artificial Intelligence and Technology.

According to the Department of Energy, its Pacific Northwest lab is already building on a prototype deep learning model that can help first responders make disaster-related decisions in near real time.

Meanwhile, Microsoft, has established its own critical infrastructure team, which will explore using its own AI models and Azure cloud.

Artificial intelligence enables us to address some of humanity’s greatest challenges, and in this case, improve disaster resilience for populations around the world,” Toni Townes-Whitley, President of US Regulated Industries, Microsoft, said in a statement. “As evidenced by this consortium we have joined with the Department of Energy and DoD, it’s critical that private and public sectors work together to provide first responders with technology that has the potential to save lives.”