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No Ganesh idol immersion in Public Places in Delhi.

Delhi: This year Ganesh festival will be celebrated on 22nd August. Due to Covid-19 pandemic there will not be Ganesh idol immersion in public places, there will no be large congregations, community celebration etc. in India’s capital Delhi, according to Pollution Control Committee.

“A fine of Rs.50, 000 will be imposed on violators,” it said

No Ganesh idol immersion in Public Places in Delhi - The Wall Post
No Ganesh idol immersion in Public Places in Delhi

Idol immersion in artificial ponds,too, is not allowed this time as large gatherings will increase the risk of Coronavirus transmission,” a DPCC official said.

He further continued,” Community celebration cannot happen as large congregations are prohibited by the government in view of the Pandemic.”

Delhi Government last year made artificial ponds at public places for the immersion of Ganesh idol and Durga idol.

Delhi police and civic bodies have been given order to check the entries of vehicles carrying Ganesh idols into the city.The Pollution Control Body have asked the people to perform the immersion in their respective house itself in buckets or containers.

The idol makers have been instructed to use natural materials as described in the holy scripts, for example to use traditional clay to make idols.