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Officials: India, Israel and US to collaborate in 5G technology

A top Official said that India, US, and Israel have started collaborating in developmental area’s and in the next generation of technology which includes transparent, reliable, secure, open 5G communication network.

A collaboration in 5G is a just tip of the iceberg and a first step, according to US Agency for International Development (USAID) Deputy Administrator Bonnie Glick.

Officials India, Israel and US to collaborate in 5G technology - The Wall Post

“Because we’ll collaborate in science and research and development in coming up with the next generations of technologies, things that the likes of you and the rest of us on the phone can’t even imagine what they might be. But by partnering by officially, affirming the importance of this relationship, we’ll advance it,” Glick told PTI in an interview after the US-India-Israel forum featuring discussions on strategic, tech and development/water cooperation held last week.

“We are thrilled to work with these partners to solve the world’s development challenges,”she said in her keynote address to the virtual US-India-Israel summit.

“One area we’ve been cooperating on is digital leadership and innovation, particularly in next-generation 5G technology,” Bonnie Glick said.

She further added ,“In July, I chaired a round table discussion with several like-minded donors on 5G and digital development. To me, it was extremely important that India and Israel be part of that conversation. And the discussion was richer because of their contributions,”

Silicon Valley, Bengaluru and Tel Aviv have all earned reputations as leading, innovative technology hubs, and rightfully so, according to Bonnie Glick.

“So it’s only right that our three nations play a key role in delivering the promise of 5G in a way that is open, interoperable, reliable, and secure“.

“We cannot allow any nation to dominate this technology or use it to dominate other nations.”

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Bonnie Glick told PTI “When we’re talking about development cooperation, we’re talking about transparent and open activities that can make all three countries extremely proud about the way that they impact the lives of people all over the world,”

Javier Piedra, deputy assistant administrator of the Bureau for Asia at USAID, said that, “Moreover, we continue to set the stage to further international development trilaterally, wherever possible,”

He told PTI, “Our partnerships with Israel and India, given our peer-to-peer relationship, exemplifies the importance of working together on issues related to water, water management and security,”

Nissim Reuben, assistant director, Asia Pacific Institute (API) at the American Jewish Committee, said ,”Skill development, innovation and entrepreneurship, water and renewable energy cooperation will be other areas of trilateral cooperation advocacy by our four organisations in the US,”