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Pune: 500 residents told to vacate the flats

Pune: 500 residents of Gururaj Society have been told to vacate the flats within 24 hours due to the possibility of flooding.

“Incessant rainfall in Pune, City areas have been welcomed by most of us, but residents of the ill-fated Gururaj housing societies have been served with an eviction notice by the PMC” (Pune Municipal Corporation)

PMC’s building permission department has put up a notice at the entrance gate of the society warning about 500 residents to vacate their flats within 24 hours.

Pune: 500 residents told to vacate the flats - The Wall Post
Source: Google Maps

PMC officials have cited the possibility of flooding of the Ambil Odha flowing next to the society, which might endanger the lives of society resident it may be called that the retaining wall of the society was washed away last year in floods that resulted due to the heavy rains in the Pune city.

Deputy Engineer (Zone5) of the building permission department in PMC has written in the notice that the society building has become old and it was dangerous for the residents to stay during the monsoon season

According to PMC officials, the compound wall of the society was a private property and hence the society was asked to build it at the earliest after the wall had washed away due to floods.

Since the society has not built the wall and with heavy rains in the city accompanied by forecast of heavy rainfall in the next 48 hours, there is a threat of flooding again. Considering this threat to the lives of residents, the notice has been issued.