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Pune News : PMC to Open 81 Gardens and Parks; Check new Regulations

Pune News : The Gardens and Parks are all set to open the gates for the morning walkers which is going to start from 1st November, 2020. As total of 81 parks out of 200 parks will be re-opened after the months of complete shut down due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

PMC to Open 81 Gardens and Parks; Check new Regulations - The Wall Post - Pune News
Pune: PMC to Open 81 Gardens and Parks; Check new Regulations ( File Photo )

The Pune Municipal Corporation had permitted a total of 81 parks outside the Covid-19 containment zones starting from Sunday.

Vikram Kumar, PMC Commissioner in the new order has permitted gardens to open between 6am to 8am and from 5pm to 7pm with compulsory social distancing and sanitation rules applied.

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The civic body has restricted the citizens to do any physical exercises other than personal exercise like running, walking etc. by keeping mandatory physical distancing in the park.  The Comedy clubs, yoga, shooting ranges, and other community, cultural, public events will not be opened.

The Citizens are also not allowed to use gym equipment’s, toys, and benches. It will be compulsory for each and every citizen who comes to the park have to wear the mask.

Other rules and regulation also added which forbid chewing of pan, tobacco, and spitting in the surroundings of park.  The children below age of 10 years and persons above age of 65 years , sick persons, pregnant women’s will not be allowed to enter park.

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In case of violating the rules by the citizens, the parks will be shut immediately, and strict action will be taken.