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Pune: Panshet, Khadakwasla Dam filled 100%

The Khadakwasla dam supplies water to Pune city, the dam had 90% water storage till Monday evening. At present, water is being released from Khadakwasla dam at a speed of 9416 cusecs in Mutha river, while water is released from Panshet dam at a speed of 2000 cusecs in Khadakwasla dam.

Temghar, Panshet, Khadakwasla, Varasgaon dams, which supply water to the entire Pune city, have a total storage of 25.82 billion cubic feet (TMC) or 88.57%. The rains which was started on 3rd August in the area of the dams are still continuing.

Pune Panshet, Khadakwasla Dam filled 100% - The Wall Post
Pic – Panshet Dam

As a result, Khadakwasla dam and Panshet dam were 100% full on Monday evening. However, the Varasgaon dam is 85 per cent full and if heavy rains continue in the dam area, the dam is likely to be filled to full capacity by Tuesday, the water resources department said.

Temghar dam is now at 68%. During the day, 32 mm of rain fell in Temghar dam area, 30 mm in Varasgaon and 27 mm in Panshet dam areas, and 5 mm in Khadakwasla dam.Currently, torrential rains are falling at night in the area of all the four dams. Water Resources also said that if the rains continue, all the four dams will be filled to full capacity in the next two days.


Temghar is at 2.51 TMC (67.81%),

Varasgaon 10.81 TMC (84.29%),

Panshet 10.65 TMC (100%),

Khadakwasla 1.97 TMC (100%),

Pavana 6.17 TMC (72.54%),

Dimbhe 8.96. TMC (71.72%),

Chaskaman 4.83 TMC (63.74%),

Bhama Askhed 5.46 TMC (71.26%),

Gunjavani 3.51 TMC (95.21%),

Nira Devghar 9.63 TMC (82.13%),

Bhatghar 21 .84 TMC(92.92%),

Veer 8.67 TMC (92.14%)

Ujani 26.64 TMC (49.72%).