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Satish Kaushik completes 41 years in Bollywood, see what he say’s….

Satish Kaushik today completed 41 years in Bollywood, he says, “I came to Mumbai to became an actor on 9th August 1979 by Paschim Express. 10th August was 1st morning in Mumbai.

Mumbai gave – Work, Wife, Friends, Kids, Home, Love, Warmth, Struggle, Success, Failure & courage to live happily & All who gave me more than i dreamt. Thx

Actor Anupam Kher on Monday, Congratulated good friend and film director Satish Khaushik as he completed 41 years in Bollywood Industry.

Anupam Kher wrote, “ Happy 41st anniversary of coming to #Mumbai, your rising graph here must have given hope to thousands of people. You really worked hard and reached a position that you are in today. Congratulations and well done.”

With the Message the actor posted a monochromatic picture of him at the Mumbai station where we can see him holding a suitcase.

Source: Satish Kaushik/ Twitter Account