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Schools to partially reopen from Sept 21st

Education News: Students from classes 9th to 12th can go to schools ( the schools which are not in the containment zones ) on voluntary basis with the written consent from the parents or guardians.

The Health Ministry on Tuesday issued a standard operating procedure (SOP) for a partial reopening of schools for students of Classes 9th to 12th.

The SOP follows the unlock 4 guidelines which was issued by the government on 1st September.

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The Home Ministry had said that states and Union Territories may permit up to 50% of teaching and non-teaching staff to be called to the schools at a time for online teaching or tele-counselling and related work from September 21.

According to Health Ministry Guidelines the teachers,students,non- teaching staff etc have to maintain a minimum 6 feet of distance. Face masks are mandatory and there should be regular washing of hands with soap for minimum of 40-60 seconds.

The SOP also said that lending or passing of things pens, books, pencils, eraser and any other stationary is strictly not allowed.

The ministry also said that there should be different time slots to allow for adequate physical distancing and disinfection of classroom premises.

The common areas like laboratories meeting halls and all work areas should be sanitized with one per cent sodium hypochlorite solution, with particular attention to frequently touched surfaces.

Students, Teachers, or any other staff members living in containment zones is not permitted to enter school premises. Students and other staff members are also advised to not visit the area in containment zones.

Assemblies, sports and events that can lead to overcrowding have been strictly prohibited.

The ministry said that schools that were used as quarantine centres should be properly sanitized and deep cleaned before partial functioning. It also asked the school administration to ensure contact less attendance.

Lockers of students will remain in use, as long as physical distancing and regular disinfection is maintained. Swimming Pools shall remain closed.

All the areas which are regular touched shall be sanitized on a regular basis with 1% sodium hypochlorite. The areas are bench, table, labs, computer labs, board, washroom etc should be sanitized.

Students from Classes 9th to 12th will have the option of attending the classes remotely or virtually or physically only on a voluntary basis for guidance from their teachers subject to written permission of parent or guardian.

Source: Ministry of Health/Twitter