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Signs of life found on Venus like Earth.

New Delhi: Like Earth, we can also live on Venus.

According to a BBC report, Astronomers have found a gas in the atmosphere of the planet Venus, indicating life there.

Signs of life found on Venus like Earth - The Wall Post
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The possibility has been raised that micro-organisms may be floating in the clouds of Venus. Gas found on Venus known as “Phosphine” which consists of one phosphorus particle and three hydrogen particles.

Phosphine gas on Earth is directly related to life.

This gas can also be made in factories. But the thing to think about is that there is no factory on Venus and certainly there are no penguins there, so if this gas came on Venus, then from where?

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This is the only question posed by Professor Jane Greaves of Britain’s Cardiff University and her colleagues.

He has published a paper in the journal Nature Astronomy, in which he told about all this.

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