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Teacher from MP changes school into knowledge hub

MP: Sanjay Jain is 45 year old teacher from Madhya Pradesh. He is soon to be felicitated with India’s most prestigious award for teacher as he is one of teachers who have been selected for prestigious National award on Friday.

He was selected for this award as he single handedly transformed  a girls’ primary school which once appeared as a cattle-shed, as say locals, into a knowledge hub in Bundelkhand region, one of the most backward regions in the country.

Teacher from MP changes school into knowledge hub - The Wall Post
Source: Hindustan Times

About 12 years ago, when Sanjay Jain joined as a single teacher in the school at Dunda village in Tikamgarh district there were only 18 students enrolled and straycattle could be seen anytime on the school premises. 

“When I saw building in a dilapidated condition and cowsheds on the school premises I was upset. There were only eight students present in the school out of the 18 enrolled but I didn’t lose hope. The first work I did was to get the school premises and building cleaned with the help of local people”. Jain said to Hindustan Times.

According to him he had to hold a door to door campaign for to increase enrollment of students and he had to find all possible way to arouse and maintain interest of the children.

Within a month, enrollment improved but still students were not ready to come to school. Then, he decided to gift a pot with a sapling planted in it and name and roll number of a student written over the pot but the pots were not allowed to take it home. 

He had to paint the school using vibrant colours with alphabets, numbers, tables and other important things. When he felt shortage of space on the walls, he used floor and abandoned stones to write over it contents of general knowledge, basic maths etc by collecting funds from people.

These innovation resulted in attracting more guardians and opened the door of wisdom and knowledge.

Another teacher from MP,  Mohammad Shahid Ansari, a teacher of Higher Secondary School, Khirsadoh, Parasiya, Chhindwara has also been selected for National Awards  to teachers for using advanced techniques to teach students

Being a Maths teacher, Ansari helped students make science models who won state and national awards for that. He motivated the students towards practical knowledge.