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Unlock 4 will be in effect from September 1: Govt issues Guidelines

Unlock 4 guidelines will be in effect from September 1st

Metro services will be allowed in the states from 7th September in a graded manner, by ministry of Housing and urban Affairs and ministry of Railway in consultation with MHA.

Social/Academic/Sports/entertainment/cultural/ religious/political functions and other congregations will be permitted with the limit of 100 persons and this will be in effect from September 21st according to Govt. of India.

Lockdown will remain active in containment zones till 30th September. All the activities will remain inactive in these zones.

All Activities,Except the following, shall be permitted outside the containment zones-
1. Cinema Hall
2. Swimming pool
3. Entertainment Parks
4. Theaters
5. International air travels of passengers (expect as permitted by MHA).

Additionally, Schools and Colleges will also Remain Close till 30th September’ 2020

State governments will not impose any local lockdown on state,district,sub-division,city and village level without the prior consultation with the central government.

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