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XBOX series X and Series S prices and Release date announced in India.

Gadget Insights: The XBOX series X to be costed around ₹49,990/- in India, and XBOX Series S to be costed around ₹34,990/-. Both the gaming consoles will launched on November 10th, and the pre-orders are starting September 22nd, these dates are same even for the rest of the world. The global price for Xbox Series X is $499 (about Rs. 36,600) in the United States, £449 (about Rs. 42,800) in the United Kingdom, CA$599 (about Rs. 33,400) in Canada, AU$749 (about Rs. 40,000) in Australia, and NZ$799 (about Rs. 39,200) in New Zealand.

The price for XBOX Series S around the world are:- It costs $299 (about Rs. 22,000) in the United States, £249 (about Rs. 23,800) in the United Kingdom, CA$379 (about Rs. 21,200) in Canada, AU$499 (about Rs. 26,600) in Australia, and NZ$549 (about Rs. 26,950) in New Zealand.

XBOX series X and Series S prices and Released date announced in India.
XBOX series X and Series S – Photo Credit: ( XBOX India/Facebook Page )

The prices for Xbox Series X and Series S in India was revealed by the official Xbox India Facebook page.

Xbox Series S is full HD by the gaming Company says that it’s capable of scaling games up to 4K with the use of a built-in hardware scaler.